Choosing the right paint colour

Theoretically one of the easiest things to change in a room or space is the paint on the walls.  It’s a simple as choosing a color, heading to the shop to buy the paint and clearing things away from the walls.  Right?  However, in practice it can be expensive, timely and frustrating.  Which is why many of us look for colors that will look as fresh on the walls everyday for the next 5-10 years as they do today.  


A classical shade for good reason.  Whilst white can appear at first glance to be a boring shade, it makes a great base to build on.  It’s easy to decorate around and can be jazzed up with accessories, and it can make a room look more modern as well as spacious. There are also many different shades of white to choose from.  Creamy warm whites, cool blue-based whites, as well as off whites and greys.  


There are many different colors and shades in the Neutral family palette.  From taupe and beige to grey and greige there’s plenty of shades to pick from. Neutrals are great for people wanting to open up rooms and spaces without wanting to use a starker white.  Over time different neutrals will become more or less popular but in general picking a neutral will keep you set for a long time.

paint colours

Blue sky

You will always find a blue that is currently trending in interior design.  At the moment that is currently more navy or ink shades, but sky blue is the one to go for.  The calming and relaxing effect of a cloudless sky is perfect for most rooms.  Light, grey blues are great in kitchens, bathrooms or wherever you find yourself painting.