Metallics in interior design


Incorporating metallics into your decor is a great way to upgrade your living space.  However there is a fine line between shiny modern chic decor and threw up gold all over the house.


Shine on.

Polished metals are incredibly chic.  Whether you pick a cool silver tone, or a warm copper, combining a few different metals together can elevate a space.  Be careful not to mix too many shades together as this can often look more Pat Butcher than you want.  Instead using a chrome base on furnishings, with accents of copper or brass.  


If you’re looking to add some metallics in the form of fabric accessories in your room then read on. Using layered textures will balance out different colors and shades, as well as add some comfort and coziness. Some great examples are using leather poufs or rugs to build up the colors across the board.


Mixing metallics with natural materials is a great way to add warmth back into a room. Sometimes metallics can appear cold and severe.  Materials such as wood, wool and leather will add a casual comfort vibe to an otherwise heavy metallic interior.

Rich Fabrics

Combining rich, luxurious fabrics such as velvet is another great way to add warmth to a cool, sharp room.  Throws and rugs work great, and choosing rich, deep, vibrant colors such as jewel tones will increase the luxe factor whilst adding a warmth throughout.


One of the keys to balancing out a room or space is to make sure that metallics, or anything really, is evenly distributed throughout the space. Keeping metallics to an area of a room can force the balance off and section areas off awkwardly.  This works if you’re using one metal or mixing them up, just make sure they’re evenly spread to keep things easy on the eye.